Linn Purdon is an experienced counsellor, teacher, motivator and Lifestyle by Design coach. One-to-one coaching with her is the ideal way to implement a plan to make your lifestyle dream a reality. Coaching sessions can be augmented with accountability calls to maintain motivation and momentum, and achieve the lifestyle plan that's been developed.

The main areas of focus in coaching are:

  • Identify your dream
  • Create the blue print for its inception
  • Release any blocks and limitations to its fulfilment
  • Nourish the quality of your new life
  • Continue to enrich your lifestyle beyond anything you thought possible.

Identify your dream

In order to make your dream a reality you need to know what it is! I know this sounds obvious but it can be easier to recognise what you do not like than what makes your heart sing. It can be obvious to spot what is not working, but more challenging to unearth what you would find fulfilling.

Being clear about your Lifestyle by Design is step one. I want you to be able to feel it, imagine it, soak in its details as if it were already here.

Create a blue print for the life of your dreams

How are you going to craft the life of your dreams? You are going to need a plan. We will develop a manageable step-by-step process that is attainable, realistic and unique to you. Coaching will support you every step of the way. You do not need to do this on your own. I believe in you and will be by your side for as long as you want.

Release any blocks and limitations to its fulfilment

What needs to change? What decisions have you been avoiding? What has been stopping you from making change?

Learn ways to release overwhelm, confusion, fear, paralysis, uncertainty and frustration.

Successfully deal with time management, over commitment, inability to say 'no', relationship difficulties or communication problems.

Coaching can help embrace your dream life with ease and clarity.

Nourish the quality of your new life

Once you have created your desired lifestyle it is important to feed it. Just like a child, your life needs to be fed, healthy nourishing food to ensure it grows vibrantly to its full capacity.

Coaching during this phase focuses on self care practices, lifestyle audits and happiness check-ups to ensure that you and your life is blooming with health.

Continue to enrich your lifestyle beyond anything you thought possible.

Now that your new life is established, you can start dreaming again. What else would you like to add? How could you fine tune things? What amazing horizons are looming before you? There are no limits, anything is possible!

Coaching sessions are for one hour and are conducted either face to face or by phone/Skype.

In addition, I offer 30 minute accountability sessions that can be booked at short notice so you have support when you need it most. These sessions can also be used to keep yourself 'honest' with anything you want to make sure you do! We all know that it is easier to follow through when you have made the commitment to someone else other than yourself.

I have also developed audio products to support the work we do in coaching sessions. These include guided relaxations and breathing techniques to assist you to be balanced, clear and in control. This allows you to make great decisions and take inspired action.

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Single Sessions - AUD$80.00

Three Sessions - AUD$200.00


Single Sessions - AUD$40.00

Three Sessions - AUD$90.00


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