May 10, 2014

Let Your Feelings Flow

When confronted with intense emotion, it is understandable that most of us want to distract ourselves from the sensations. However, this is at best just a short term strategy and one that has merit at times depending where and when the particular event is occurring.


Another way to approach the flood of emotions is to let your feelings flow. Simply breathe and allow. Breathe deeply and observe the feelings as pure physical sensations and detach from the details of the situation.

Keep focussed on the sensations rather than the thoughts, judgments and conclusions. Feel each nuance of the vibration as it moves through your body. Keep your breath flowing deeply and smoothly. Imagine that your whole being is expanding, embracing the sensations and then going beyond them.

See your energy-being increasing in size to include your town, city, state, country and then the entire planet. Keep going and expand into the universe. From this perspective look back at the situation that upset you. What does it look like now? Is it still important?

By sensing the emotion as vibration rather than thought we can learn to allow the sensation to move right on through and out of our being. Often this leads to a heightened sense of wellbeing and aliveness because we have embraced our energy flow rather than contracted it.

You may also find that the original situation no longer has such an intense hold on you so you can make new choices and respond rather than react from old habitual patterns.

Well worth a try! Let your feelings flow, and tell me how you go by leaving a comment below.

Linn Purdon

Linn Purdon

Linn is an experienced mediator, teacher, motivator and Lifestyle by Design Coach. She creates fun, easy to use tools for crafting an amazing life. LIVE LIFE YOUR WAY, ON YOUR TERMS.

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