February 1, 2015

I Love Giving

I love giving. I love it so much that it has got me into trouble. I have burned out, people-pleased and rescued to a point of ridiculousness.

But I still love giving.

I have  learned to have boundaries, realised that people are responsible for their own happiness and helping is not always the best thing for them or me. I have developed discernment and now choose carefully where and how much I give.

Most importantly I am constantly stretching my ‘self-generosity’ muscles. Of course the more I give to myself the more I have to give away. Giving from a place of over flow is the best experience ever. Knowing that I am in the right place, right time and can give what another needs is deeply fulfilling. The inner surge of expanded energy, deliciously feeds my cells for hours.

No wonder I love giving.

The flip side to this discussion is receiving. After a lot of practise I can now open my arms wide and accept good from every direction.

Balancing the flow of giving and receiving has been an enlightening experience. My ah-ha moment came when I realised that by not allowing myself to receive, I was denying others the delicious experience of contentment described above. So, by receiving I was giving!

No wonder I love giving.

AnniMay-1My challenge is  to be extra generous with myself and those around me in as many ways as possible – not just financially. More about that later. 

Photo Credit: The wonderful Anni May Jensen. See more of her work at  www.annimayjensen.com

Linn Purdon

Linn Purdon

Linn is an experienced mediator, teacher, motivator and Lifestyle by Design Coach. She creates fun, easy to use tools for crafting an amazing life. LIVE LIFE YOUR WAY, ON YOUR TERMS.

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