April 10, 2014

Ups & Downs

Life has ups and downs, and recently ours turned upside down.

Our grandson came down with gastro, then our daughter, then our son-in-law, then me. Our Little Man then developed tonsillitis and ear infections. Mike was the only one left standing. All us adults had jobs to be at and deadlines to meet. As things spiralled out of control I noticed that I felt it simply wasn’t fair and that I was a victim to life’s adversity. Eventually, after numerous’ tantrums’ it occurred to me that I expected life to run smoothly and when it didn’t I took it as a personal insult. How embarrassing. Yep, that is what I discovered about myself as I lay on the couch and threw up into a bucket. Humbling indeed.

So, now that we have all recovered I have decided to remember that, life has its ups and downs and that a lot of them probably have very little to do with me.

I don’t need to be shocked and outraged that the downs are visiting again but instead find a way to deal with it as gracefully as possible realising that it is not personal.

What’s more I have noticed that each time I come out of a crevice I have renewed enthusiasm for my life. Not sure how that works, but maybe the enforced down time re-charges burnt out batteries. Or maybe it is just that I have a new sense of gratitude for my returned sense of well being.

I have been observing my teacher, Little Man, and I am pretty sure it is true for him too. He has been living life with renewed determination. There isn’t a play ground that is safe at the moment! His physical capabilities seem to have increased while he was sick, so now that he is well he is scaling new heights – literally.

Lesson 1: down times appear to be a natural part of growth and good things come from them.

Lesson 2: remember the above during the next downer!

So, know that the ups and downs of life are the natural order of things, and allow them to pass without resistance or judgement.

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Linn Purdon

Linn Purdon

Linn is an experienced mediator, teacher, motivator and Lifestyle by Design Coach. She creates fun, easy to use tools for crafting an amazing life. LIVE LIFE YOUR WAY, ON YOUR TERMS.

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